SUVOA Trickle Blog Pays Off – we’re on the 1st page of Google

So it seems that the “trickle blog” technique has paid off in spades.

As you will recall, the technique involves doing multiple posts, as opposed to one big, long post on the person, organization you are targeting. What this does is make Google and other search engines stand up and take notice. If they notice you enough your message or voice will eventually be indexed on the first page of search results. The first page of Google is one of the best places to get traffic, and it is also something organizations hold near and dear to their heart.

To demonstrate the technique I chose the SUV Owners of America, an organization run by auto-industry friendly people who are supposedly standing up for the rights of Americans to drive SUV’s.

Here’s the result after doing multiple (4) posts on the SUVOA over the last few days. When you type in SUVOA as a search term in Google now, you will notice that at the bottom of the first page is a link to my posts on “trickle blogging.”

Here’s the screenshot:


Multiple posts over days with new and interesting content will pay off. Thank god, I was really getting sick of writing about the SUVOA.


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