Know thy audience and Cause-it on Facebook

1,700 unique hits after 24 hours of circulating in the blogosphere – we’re totally stoked . The next question is: who are our wonderful “hits” and what do they eat for breakfast?

In my first round, it was not unusual to find that, even after Digg-ing my best stories and releasing news about a  big social cause event to 257 of my friends (and friends of friends…) on Facebook, I got a less than breakthrough response.

No worries, I kept on trekking with these laws in mind: 1) know thy audience and; 2) know thy medium.

Since then, I got a photo of who I think my blog readers are and I stuck their picture on my desk.

That said, don’t miss this Business Week article, which provides a sweet matrix describing blog readers and how they use Web 2.0.

Once you know your audience (and your potential audience), become a great storyteller. If you have just begun to collect donations for a climate change campaign that involves you living in Central America using nothing but the sun to power your laptop and a wood-fire to cook your yucca, then use your blog to track your progression. After that, get on YouTube (the UK guy who actually did this didn’t film or link his adventures to the mammoth video site but you can).

When you are done that, head over to Facebook to set up a cause. The beauty is that big organizations (UNICEF is on it) and regular people alike can set up a cause and have the benefit of their friend’s contacts at their fingertips. That means that if you have a massive amount of friends, you can set up a run for your uncle that rivals those of the big players (think: “5K Run for Al”).

In Facebook, I went to their application page and added the Causes application to my profile. Then, I was taken to their browse causes page. From here, I clicked on back to my causes and I was taken to a page from where I could start my cause.
Once I found the right page to do it from on Facebook, starting a cause was pretty straightforward. Once I clicked the start cause button, I was redirected to Project Agape’s page to start the process. There were five sections of information I needed to fill out.

  1. The basics: I filled in my cause name, its mission, positions and description.
  2. The categories and tags: I filled in primary and secondary categories and the tags related to my cause.
  3. Geography: I chose the region that my cause affects, i.e., global, Antigua, non-U.S. country.
  4. The photo: I chose a picture or logo to go with my cause. You can’t get to the next step unless you add an image.
  5. Then: I chose a nonprofit organization that will benefit from my cause. Choose one yourself or let the application match you with one.
  6. Last of all: I invited all of my relevant friends (taking care not to accidentally invite any “conflict of interest” friends or colleagues). You can also wait for people to add themselves to your cause.

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  1. Stumbled upon your blog a week ago and decided to come back. Not for the articles you write, but for how you write them, really amazing stuff you’re doing here, i like how you put information into the articles which makes it much more easier to read and much more interesting of course. Keep up the good work!

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