1,700 Unique visits in 24 hours


Thanks everyone for starting OnlineActivist off with such a bang!

In the last 24 hours, we’ve gotten 1,700 unique visitors to the site!

We were picked up on Metafilter last night, as well as Stumbleupon and some very kindly bloggers linked to our series on “trickle blogging.”

Update 1: just noticed that we’ve been listed #1 today as the most up and coming wordpress blog. Nice.

Update 2: just got posted on links swarm’s front page by a kinldy  individual>.

By the way, I am not doing this in anway to brag about all the cool people that are linking to me. I am trying to highlight some of the Web 2.0 social networking tools that are out there that you can use to promote your own site. Many of these are free to join, easy to use and can sometimes pay off with huge traffic. Just be careful to pick only your best content to post on these sites, or you’ll gain a reputation as a shameless self promotor.

I hope we can keep the momentum going. And of course, I will continue to offer practical advice on how you can make your activist site be heard!


The OnlineActivist

P.S. If you want to swap links with me, send an email to onlineactivism (at) gmail.com


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