Plant a rumour and win more eyeballs on

Rumours are notoriously viral. In fact, one of the fastest ways to let “the secret” that you promised to the boss’ secretary that you wouldn’t leak be known to the whole purchasing department by 9.22am the next day is to say “it’s absolutely confidential what I’m going to tell you and you have to promise not to tell a single soul…etc.” to Barry, the guy with 1987 era taste in ties that you kinda feel sorry for.

But back to your blog and how you want to increase the number of eyeballs that graze it each day. When you get that soundbite that you think is genius (and it will come with time as you become an expert on your topic), check out

Here’s what cool about it gives you the bang of the big PR company’s newswire subscription for zero buck.

It’s basically a regular guy or gal’s way to send out a “press release” to a massive online audience in a matter of seconds – a bulletin board slash newswire for the rest of us.

There’s a trick to though: with the number of rumours flying on the site, you’ve got to get their attention in a matter of seconds. So make your 1-2 liner sharp.

Here are some attention grabbing “truemors”:

“Did you hear about the Swiss study that found influenza viruses can live on banknotes for 17 days?”

(People always want to know how to stay heathy, get healthy or become healthy. “Study” says authority.)

“Blackberry ban in French cabinet because of fears that the US could intercept state secrets.”

(People love a hint of a conspiracy theory and the French are fun because they are always mad about something or another)

“Have you heard that 20 of the most common birds have lost over 50% of their population in the past 40 years? Whether you like birds or not, this should be a wake-up call. Canary in a coal mine?”

(Stats are always good, as are timeline comparisons. The last line just begs for the reader to be directed to your site).

Okay, so you get the idea. The key is to keep it short and make sure your links work (but even then, do some dummy ones without links to build credibility if you are on it a lot).

If you are really good, you’ll get rated well and then…well, I guess you can keep on posting and getting hits for as long as you want!

In one of four ways (by text, online forum phone or email), plug in your 1-3 liner with a cleverly embeded hyperlink directed to where that soundbite was born on your blog and … voila! you’ve started a viral rumour that’s bound to pay dividends down the road. Go to their help site for more info.


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