Post #2 for the SUVOA “trickle blog”

No SUV’s, No boats, it’s our right

So last week I started a series of posts on the SUV Owners of America — a “grassroots” (astroturf) group set up by a former lobbyist for the auto industry named Barry McCahill.

This group was set up to assist automakers in their lawsuit against the State of California over tougher greenhouse gas emissions standards for new vehicles. Above is a snapshot of one of their ads (check out the full size version here). This use of “third party advocacy” groups is a classic dirty trick used by corporations who are afraid to say what they really want to say, so they give these organizations money to do their dirty work for them.

So back to the art of what I like to call “trickle blogging.” As I mentioned before, if you have a lot of information to get out on an individual or organization you think is up to no good, it is sometimes better to do a series of posts versus one large post. The idea is that the more posts you do on a particular organization, the more chance there is that Google and the other search engines will notice you. Also, there is more chance that the group you oppose will take notice of what you are doing.

I will get more into the techniques of getting noticed on various search engines once I finish this 5 part series on the SUVOA and “trickle blogging.” I also plan to do a series on how to get the attention of the people you are targetting.


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