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Technorati is the “google” of blogs – it is a place where bloggers go to see who is linking to them, what’s going on in the blog-o-sphere, search out blog content and connect with fellow bloggers.

Technorati is must when it comes to being seen and your message being heard.  The first step is to register with technorati here.

Next step is to “claim your blog.” There are few ways to do it, but I find that just embedding the code right into a blog post, like this: Technorati Profile is the easiest way to do it.

All you do is copy the code they provide when you claim your blog and paste it into your blog post, like I did above. Just make sure that you are in “code” mode when you paste it in — trust me, it will be the only piece of HTML code you will ever have to use on your blog!

The reason you claim your blog is that it let’s technorati and its readers know about you and what you are all about. After you have claimed your blog you will be asked to add “tags.” Tags are key words that people can use to search out blogs they are interested in.

So for this blog, I entered the following key words: social activism, pro blogging, how to blog, blogging tricks, marketing, online activism, activist etc…

Technorati is a must and it only takes about 10 minutes or so to claim and tag your blog.


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