Want to get under your targetted evildoers skin? Try “trickle blogging”


UPDATE: after 4 “trickle blogs” on the SUVOA we made it the first page on Google. Check it out.

But it’s my right to drive a Hummer

So it might not make for interesting content (which is key to a good blog in the long run), but repeat posting on an organization or individual whose actions you oppose is one way to gain that person’s attention and potentially (if you start to get noticed by Google) owning them on Google and other popular search engines.

The point is that when people type in the words, say… I don’t know, “George Bush” they don’t get the site’s George W would hope we are all reading and instead they get your site and your message.

So check out this site, BushorChimp. When you type “george bush” into Google it is the 5th site listed for the president of the United States. Their point? Bush looks like a chimp — okay?!

So how did they get this high up on google for one of the most famous, er… infamous names on the internet? Probably for a few reasons: their web address has the word “bush” in it, they’ve had over 5 million visits in the last 7 years and, most importantly, at least in my opinion, they have frequently updated the site with new pictures of Bush looking like a shit-flinging chimp.

New content, frequently posted on the same person, increasing traffic (which I’ll write about shortly), and boom, before you (and your targeted evil-doer) know it, you own them on Google.

Here’s what it looks like in action. Check out my next five posts, they will be on a group called “The SUV Owners of America.” It’s an organization run by a PR firm with close ties to the Detroit Automakers. The SUVOA purpose is to frame driving a huge vehicle as a matter of American rights, no matter how big and environmentally damaging it might be.

These guys are working against everything scientists are telling us about the environmental and public health effects of vehicle emissions. I want to own them on Google, or at the least, let them know I am writing about them. Who knows, maybe the president Barry McCahill will write me a nasty letter or something.

Each time I post I will add a little bit of interesting content, instead of blowing all the dirt I have on these yahoos at once.

The more I post on them, the more chance I have of owning them on Google. Even if you don’t end up owning someone on Google, you will definitely get on your targets radar screen! So if you oppose the actions of some lowlife corporate apologist, like Barry McCahill, start a blog and just keep writing about them, over and over, and over, again.

I guarantee that the persistence will pay off.



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17 responses to “Want to get under your targetted evildoers skin? Try “trickle blogging”

  1. This might work, but it requires complicity from Google. I have two Euthanasia blogs, http://blog.myspace.com/euthanasiaclinic and
    which I update frequently on one subject, Euthanasia. But Google has a very definite anti-euthanasia policy and has yet to acknowledge the presence of these blogs in their weekly news update emails to subscribers interested in Euthanasia.
    But I will keep trying.

  2. To make this even more effective, you can comment spam people. Like this.

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  4. JT

    An absolutley great post here…love your blog, keep up the great posts 🙂

  5. onlineactivist

    Thanks JT, glad you like the site.

    Let me know if you want to swap links. I don’t have much google juice to offer, but give me a couple of months!

  6. onlineactivist

    Are you sure Google has an anti-euthanasia policy? I mean I can find all sorts of nasty and controversial things through google.

    I will write a post this weekend on google and what you have to do to get their attention.

    The first key to getting ranked and indexed in google (and I know it is obvious.. but), is to write a lot of posts, with good content and lots of links. There are lots of tricks to help out though and I will get a post up this weekend.

  7. @ironlizard: I had to laugh at that comment 🙂

    Seriously, though, there’s another good reason for what you describe – and that’s simply breaking your posts up into easily digestible pieces. Not many people enjoy the rambling long blog posts I’m prone to writing. That doesn’t stop me, though 😉

  8. onlineactivist

    Agreed, people don’t like rambling posts – in fact, I am finding more and more that people don’t like words at all!

    Next week, I’ll try can get up a post on cheap and easy ways to shoot, post and market video content.

  9. onlineactivist

    Check it our folks, the trickle blog has paid off, we are n the first page of google for the search term: SUVOA.


  10. Really. To be fair about this, you really need to remove the ‘nofollow’ tags from the links. If you’re not at least reciprocating the search engine joy, then you’re just a spammer, regardless of what political agenda you push.

  11. onlineactivist


  12. For example:
    a href=”http://ironlizard.blogspot.com” rel=”external nofollow” ironlizard

    Don’t you know anything about search engines? The nofollow attribute keeps search engines from indexing that link as.. well, a LINK. Delicio.us does this to keep it from becoming a breeding ground for spammers and SEO’s. You’re probably doing it entirely due to wordpress defaults. It’s very annoying, considering you’re doing all this as an SEO experiment.

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  16. nice information. like your blog.

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